Travis Tritt was blown away by the contestants on Real Country, not only because of their voices, but of the confidence they exuded.

When Travis Tritt was seeking out talent for Real Country, the factor that drew him to a contestant is confidence. Tritt chose seven acts to participate in the show, including a multi-time female vocalist of the year winner in Texas and a former Marine, some of whom spend the majority of the year on the road touring. This integrity is a reflection not only of their talent, but the years they’ve devoted to their passion.

“To me, the ones that have really had an opportunity to do that many shows have built a confidence about them,” Tritt tells Sounds Like Nashville and other media at the live taping for the Real Country grand finale. “You can see it. They exude it when they come onstage, and I think that carries them forward because they’re able to deliver the song with a certain amount of authority, and their originality, that they would not have any other way.”