Travis Tritt performs solo acoustic show at Newberry Opera House


Newberry, SC (January 22nd, 2020) – As a child I spent many days at my dads house watching him work on his old motorcycle while playing with the neighbors kids out in the yard. There was always a radio on in the background filling the sound track of my youth with various genres of music. Country music was definitely in the forefront a lot of the time and one day these two girls from next door brought over 2 cassette tapes they insisted on listening too. With slower softer songs like “Can I Trust You With My Heart” and “Help Me Hold On” to the rocking “Put Some Drive In Your Country” and “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” I couldn’t stop listening. For me, these songs showcased the best of both worlds, rock and country blended together as one and I loved it. As I walked into the Newberry Opera House this evening my mind flooded with those summer memories in anticipation of hearing those songs live from the man himself….Travis Tritt.