Travis Tritt brought country music to the Appalachian Fair

Travis Tritt - Real Country
[From] countrychatterIMG_7251_thumbAnyone who thinks country music isn’t what it used to be needs to go to a Travis Tritt concert.  That man has kept country music country!  His show was nothing short of fantastic.  From the first song to the last, it was Travis doing what Travis does.  And, he was so obviously enjoying it! While the capacity crowd was singing, clapping, screaming, and having the time of their lives, I really believe Travis was, too.  Everyone watching could just tell that he loves what he does.
Travis hit the stage running, and he didn’t slow down through the whole show!  He came out with “Drive”,”High Time for Getting Down,” and “Be Somebody”, before stopping to welcome the audience members. An audience that more than filled the sold-out reserved seating area, the grandstand, and every blade of grass surrounding the main stage area that they could find to stand on.
He moved on to “Whiskey Ain’t Working,” “Corn,” “Ten Foot Tall,” “Take It Easy,” and “Tell Me I’m Dreaming”.  We got to hear “Outlaws Like Us,” “Anymore”, and several acoustic songs while the band took a well deserved break.  That band, by the way, is made up of the most talented musicians you will find anywhere!  Wendell Cox, Jared Decker, Joe Young, Brian Arrowood and Arlo Gilliaps.
It wouldn’t be a Travis Tritt show without “Here’s a Quarter,” “Great Day,” “Bonnie & Clyde,” and “Trouble,”  and we got all of that, too!  Travis gave us a little of Waylon.   And of course, we got a lot of Travis.  What we didn’t get was rock, pop or rap.  We got country music.  And, that entire crowd could not have been happier! The music industry, country radio program directors, and anyone out there who thinks they know what we want to hear on the radio is missing their mark, if you think that isn’t country.  I mean real country!  Here is a man, who can fill fairgrounds to over-flowing, and he is singing music we obviously still want to hear.  It was awesome.
I had a serious camera problem. My pictures aren’t going to be as good as I would hope, since some came from my phone, some came from a small ‘point and shoot’ and some came from an older camera that I had in my car when my ‘good’ one up and died on me.  But, things happen, life goes on, and learn to do the best with what we have.  That’s what I had to do tonight, and it is those photos that I’m going to share with all of you. I’ll try not to complain.  I went a great show.  I got some photos.  And, I met Travis Tritt!  Try to tell me it gets better than that for a country music fan! Thank you Travis, for giving us such an incredible night at our Appalachian Fair in Gray, Tenn.