Travis Tritt & Band Take Biloxi For A Swingin’ Good Time


(Jan 31, 2022 – Glide Magazine)
For rock & roll fans, when they imagine what a country music concert must be like, it usually consists of lower-volumed music, lots of cowboy hats in the crowd, and a setlist full of twangy ballads about two-timing men and broken-hearted women. Obviously, they haven’t seen Travis Tritt. Yes, he has ballads and drinking songs, and sometimes he allows the softer, emotional side of himself to take a spotlight or two; but the energy level that he propels off that stage ranks right up there beside any rock concert experience … except Gwar. No one does a concert like Gwar.

The point is, if you like even just one of his songs, when you stand in that crowd waiting for that one particular hit, you’re going to get caught up in the whirlwind of pumped-up guitars, even louder drumbeats, and a slew of songs that make that double-digit priced ticket look like a bargain. Welcome to the world of Travis Tritt live.

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