CONCERT REVIEW – Travis Tritt in Northfield, OH

Travis Tritt - Real Country
[from Arthur Born at Born Country] born-country-OHreview12.5.15I had the opportunity to see Travis Tritt performance an acoustic solo concert almost a year to the date of this past weekend’s show at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield, OH. I had lucked out with second row seats, dead center to the stage. Experiencing one of my all-time favorite artists who I had listened to for the majority of my life in such an intimate setting was unforgettable. However, I couldn’t help but wonder how the acoustic set would compare to seeing Tritt perform with his full band, backing him up on stage.
Once it was announced that Travis Tritt would be returning to the area once again, I went straight to Twitter to ask Travis himself, if this would be another acoustic show or if I would finally be getting a chance to see Tritt play in his truest rocking country form. It was only moments later that I received the answer that I had hoped for and knew that this would be a must-see show!
This brings us to the Hard Rock Rocksino as the lights go down for the introduction of Travis Tritt to the stage. Armed with my camera at the front of the stage, I was set to snap a few photos and to get back to my seat to enjoy what was sure to be an incredible show. I had absolutely no idea. Travis blasted onto the stage and went directly into one of my favorite hits, “Put Some Drive In Your Country” and he did just that! I of course couldn’t help but to sing-a-long, making it a bit tougher to focus in on the photographs, but it was unavoidable!
The country music continued to rock as Travis performed “High Time For Gettin’ Down” and the classic, “I’m Gonna Be Somebody.” The crowd was loving the show right from the start as everyone sang along. At this point, Tritt let us know that he felt so strongly that he was going to put on an incredible show for us, that he guaranteed that anyone who may leave upset, they could contact Marty Stuart down in Nashville for a refund, ha!
Travis Tritt had his personalized chair (nice touch!) wheeled out to the stage as he was ready to slow down the show for a bit. This was exciting for me, as I had previously seen Tritt perform an acoustic set and I knew that we were in for another treat! The crowd joined in with Tritt as he began the portion of the show with “Tell Me I Was Dreaming.” Next up, Travis explained to us that one of his biggest career regrets was that he had not released “Outlaws Like Us” as a radio single. After the performance, with a little snicker, Tritt exclaimed “Eat your heart out, Luke Bryan!” and the crowd erupted!
With the band backing him once again. Tritt, moved into more of his rocking country catalogue. Hits such as “Here’s A Quarter,” “Country Club” and the always fun to sing-a-long with, “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive” followed. Howling along at the end of “Great Day” will NEVER cease to be a blast!
born-country-OHreview12.5.15-2The show began to wind down (in time, NOT in excitement), as Travis covered a handful of classic hits. From classic rock in the Allman Brothers, Elvis Presley and Atlantic Rhythm Section to a few Waylon Jennings favorites, (donning a fantastic Waylon-style cowboy hat… I need to get myself one of those!) Tritt wrapped the show by signing a few autographs from the stage and shaking hands with his fans.
Whether acoustic or full band, I will be sure to take in any chance I get to see Travis Tritt perform in the future. Everyone seemed to be leaving with just as much satisfaction as I experienced, so I don’t think Marty Stuart will have to be worrying about any of those refund requests! Make sure to check the tour calendar for Travis visiting your area in the future! Well worth the evening!